Amanda Lee

Amanda is a distinguished international hula hoop instructor and cirque-style performer with an illustrious career that spans over 20 countries. With over 20 years of professional dance training, she infuses her acts – which include hula hooping, fire dancing, character performing, stilt walking, choreography, and GoGo dancing, just to name a few – with dance technique to create a one of a kind experience. Her unique style has graced some of the world’s largest festival stages, such as Lightning in a Bottle, EDC South Korea, EDC China, Shambhala Music Festival, Electric Forest, and Envision.  Amanda’s talents extend to corporate events, weddings, and birthday parties, where she brings unparalleled entertainment to every occasion.

Beyond performing, Amanda is renowned for her teaching expertise and has been a sought-after instructor at international retreats and has even hosted her own events in diverse locations such as Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, Israel, and Sri Lanka.

Amanda’s favorite aspect of performing involves working with her Wildfire team to create one of a kind experiences that captivate audiences, encouraging them to embrace their inner child and preserving the wonder of entertainment.

In addition to her performance career, Amanda harbors a deep-seated passion for filmmaking. When not on stage, she dedicates herself to editing content for Wildfire, organizing photoshoots, planning video shoots and engaging in production work. She loves working behind the scenes just as much as she loves being on stage. Her obsession with every facet of her profession is evident in her commitment to both the artistic and production sides of the entertainment industry.