Katie Rose

Katie Rose is a powerhouse in the world of movement and performance arts, driven by a lifelong love for dance. From dazzling stages at events like Envision and Lightning in a Bottle, she’s become a versatile entertainer, captivating audiences worldwide with stories told through her dynamic moves. Her experience spans from LED, GoGo, and fire performance, to roaming character work, to circus arts, to leading flow and connection-based workshops. Beyond just showcasing her own art, Katie guides others in expressing their creativity, creating a ripple effect of inspiration.

Working with Wildfire Arts Collective has been a highlight for Katie Rose, unlocking creative freedom and expression through movement. Creating as a collective has allowed her to shine in being a leader and a dedicated team member, prioritizing circular leadership and an opportunity for each member to shine in their unique genius. These experiences fuel her passion to inspire audiences everywhere, encouraging them to celebrate their individuality and embrace their inner wild artist. Katie’s performances are all about bringing joy and a touch of the extraordinary to everyday life. Her dedication to play, paired with her openness to making the seemingly impossible possible, shines through in each captivating moment on stage. Behind the scenes, she brings a pro’s touch to ensure her artistic vision surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.