About Wildfire

Welcome to Wildfire Arts Collective, a vibrant union born from the shared passions of a group of dynamic women, each with a rich background in the performing arts world. Our journey began with passion projects that brought us together, and what we discovered in our collaboration was nothing short of magical. The synergy we experienced was so profound that it inspired us to establish our own entertainment collective.

At Wildfire Arts Collective, we thrive on the idea of shining and growing together, delivering mesmerizing entertainment to a wide array of events including festivals, private functions, weddings, corporate gatherings and beyond. Here, we celebrate our collective creativity, bringing unique experiences to life and extending our artistic expression to audiences far and wide.

At Wildfire Arts Collective, our mission is to illuminate the world of entertainment with our exceptional cirque style entertainment offerings. As a femme- forward entertainment company, we excel in delivering dance-centric choreographed pieces that incorporate elements of fire, LED, aerial artistry and more. Our collective thrives on a circular leadership model, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas are shared and leadership roles rotate, enabling each member to showcase their distinct talents and perspectives.

Our goal is to inspire audiences to embrace their authenticity, let their inner light shine and unleash their wild side through the celebration of life and cirque-style entertainment. Through collaboration, passion, and captivating performances, we aim to speak to the soul, connecting individuals and communities through the language of movement.

Our ultimate ambitions are centered around fostering mutual growth and excellence through teamwork, blending the art of circus and dance to narrate stories that resonate with the human experience and accentuating the individual strengths within our group dynamic. Through our meticulously designed shows and unparalleled skills, we aim to uplift our community and demonstrate the boundless creative possibilities that unfold when individuals unite in collective artistic expression.